Best Earphones Under 500 With Mic In India 2022 (February) – Good Bass & Sound Quality

Best Earphones Under 500 With Mic In India 2022 (February) – Good Bass & Sound Quality


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Bluetooth headphones are very exquisite and useful. But they are expensive, and not everyone can afford it. So, it is better to stick with the normal wired earphones for some time. There are more than a few good quality best earphones under 500 available on the online marketplaces. The wired earphones may be a bit inconvenient, but they provide the best sound quality. Choosing the best wired earphones under 500 is not an easy choice, as there are a lot of good options available for your needs. You have to take care of multiple aspects before buying the best earphones for cheap. On the online marketplaces, there are hundreds of cheap and excellent earphones under your budget that you should checkout. If you are interested in buying the best earphones under 500 on amazon, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the curated list of the best earphones under 500 Indian rupees. All you have to do is to check out the list and get the best one that suits your needs. All of the best wired earphones are under Rupees 500, so you don’t have to worry about the budget at all.
Product Name Rating Price
boAt Bassheads 152 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Realme Earbuds ★ ★ ★ ★
JBL Infinity ZIP 100 ★ ★ ★ ★

Samsung Ehs64

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
MI Basic Earphones ★ ★ ★ ★
JBL C50HI Earphones ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ant Audio W56 ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
pTron Boom 2 4D Earphone ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
boAt Bassheads 225 SE ★ ★ ★ ★
SoundOne E20 ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Earphones Under ₹500

1 – boAt Bassheads 152

The boAt is getting a lot of attention from music lovers. The boAt bassheads 152 is one of the best seller earphones under 500 on all of the Indian online marketplaces. It comes with the braided cable, which is a nice touch as it prevents any kind of tangling. So, you can carry it in your pocket without the fear of tangling the earphone. Thie earphone comes with the built-in microphone, which is good for taking up voice calls and even for the zoom meetings. I’ve been using this earphone for almost five months now. And the sound experience is excellent with the high-quality neodymium speakers. The angled headphone jack relieves the cable tension on the jack and gives it a long life. Pros
  • Braided Cables for Durability
  • High-Quality Neodymium Speakers for excellent music listening experience
  • Premium Looks with Snug Fitting.
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • After-sales Service is not so good.

2 – Realme Earbuds

Realme is a smartphone brand but has debuted in the earphones market. The Realme Earbuds are one of the trending earphones in the market. The Realme Earbuds provide excellent music quality. The thick and strong wire is tangle-free, making it easier to carry around. On the backside of the earbuds, there are magnets, which help you attach these two earbuds together for convenience. This earphone has an inbuilt microphone, which is suitable for all of the tasks. Be it playing PUBG, taking calls, or attending the zoom meetings, the microphone is sensitive and does the job perfectly fine. The overall quality of this product is very good and comes with the brand warranty for six months. Pros
  • Fits perfectly in all ear types.
  • The color combination is very good and looks premium.
  • Tangle-free, Thick, and high-quality cable improve the durability of this product.
  • The High-quality microphone is very sensitive and suitable for voice calls and multiplayer gaming.
  • The Brand Warranty is very less.

3 – JBL Infinity ZIP 100

Infinity is the sub-brand of JBL, which is one of the most popular companies that make audio peripherals. The JBL Infinity ZIP 100 Wired earphone falls in the budget-friendly earphones category. It comes with the 1.2 meters long thin and flat cable, which is tangle-free. Also, the 9 mm drivers provide excellent audio quality and deep bass. If you love listening to the deep baas, then this is the right earphone for your needs. The earbuds of this earphone are soft and snuggly, and the brand provides three replacement earbuds in the package. All in all, it’s a great wired earphone in the market that is below ₹500. Pros
  • Budget-friendly Earphone.
  • 1.2-meter long Flat cable doesn’t tangle at all.
  • It has deep bass and excellent audio quality.
  • Comes with Replacement soft earbuds for ultimate comfort.
  • Looks like an Expensive Earphone.
  • Customer Support is quite weak, and there is no nation-wide customer support existence.
  • The inbuilt microphone is not suitable for intense usages like PUBG, Freefire, COD gameplay and others.

4 – SoundMagic ES11S

SoundMagic is one of the most underrated brands in the market. With the SoundMagic ES11S, people have started to appreciate this brand. The SoundMagic ES11S is one of the most affordable and premium looking earphones under 500 Indian rupees. The design of the earpiece of this product is very different from the others. Due to the same design, it fits perfectly in the ears and gives you a cool and funky look. The in-line microphone is quite sensitive and picks up your voice pretty well. There are the control buttons for accepting the calls. Also, it provides a good bass while listening to some heavy bass music. There is a one-year brand warranty, which is great. Pros
  • Provides excellent audio listening experience.
  • Has the in-line microphone suitable for all communication.
  • The unique design helps it fit snuggly in your ear for noise isolation.
  • Comes with the one-year brand warranty.
  • Does not have the Tangle-free cable.
  • The Brand Warranty is not useful due to less customer support centers across the country.

5 – Mi Earphones Basic

Mi smartphones are famous in the market, but their headphones are more famous than ever. The Mi Basic Earphone is the most affordable earphone from the company, which looks premium and works excellent. If you are using any Xiaomi smartphone, then using the MI Earphones basic will give you the best audio listening experience. The Mi Earphones work very well with other smartphones too. The earbuds are in the aluminum casing, which provides the durability to this product. Also, the unique design helps you isolate the noise and fits perfectly in the ears. The thick and long tangle-free cable is an essential part of this earphone. With the six months warranty, you should blindfolded buy this earphone. Pros
  • Comes with the Thick and Tangle-Free cable
  • Unique design good for noise cancellation and snuggly fit.
  • The aluminum casing provides the strength and durability of this product.
  • With the six months warranty. It becomes easier to get replacements.
  • It May not work well with the older smartphones, especially non-Xiaomi ones.

6 – JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones

This is the second product from JBL on this list. With the JBL C50Hi in-ear headphones, you can enjoy the music. With high-quality drivers, the music listening experience is top-notch and has crisp audio. It’s one of the most affordable in-ear headphones from JBL. It comes with a well0-balanced sound with good bass. Although the bass is not deep, it is enough to enjoy the bass-heavy music. The built-in microphone is good for the voice calls, as it is pretty sensitive, and there is no sound distortion. The earbuds look like some cheap product, but you should look at the quality that you get at this price point. Pros
  • Well-Balanced Sound with Good bass.
  • Soft tips that help the buds to fit snuggly and provide sound isolation.
  • The in-built microphone is sensitive, and there is no voice distortion.
  • Very affordable product.
  • The earbuds look a bit plasticky. Doesn’t look like a premium earphone under 500.

7 – Ant Audio Pulse 410

The Ant Audio products are quite expensive, but the pulse 410 earphone from the brand is quite affordable. It is one of the best earphones under ₹500 in the Indian markets. It comes in the metal box, which provides the premium feel even without actually opening the box. Inside the box, you get the earphones, which have the 45-degree curvature on the earbuds for a snuggly fit. The tips are engineered with precision for a perfect fit for all ear types and excellent music quality. With the 10mm Audio drivers, you can listen to the crisp and clear audio. It comes with the inbuilt microphone, which is good for all kinds of activities, including playing the multiplayer game, which requires audio communication. With the one-year brand warranty, there is nothing to worry about the technical issues and the replacement process. Pros
  • It comes in Metal Box and provides Premium Feel at first look
  • 10mm Audio Drivers provide excellent music quality.
  • With the 45-degree curvature design, the earbuds fit perfectly in all ear types
  • A one-year brand warranty is enough for the earphones at this budget.
  • Ant Audio does not have an All-India Customer Support presence.
  • The thick cable might tangle if not used properly.

8 – pTron Boom 2 4D

If you are looking for excellent gaming earphones under 500, then the pTron Boom 2 is the best option for your needs. The looks are killer as it represents the gaming community. If you love playing mobile games like the PUBG mobile or PC games like CS: GO and Valoant, then this is the right choice for in-game communications. With the high-quality in-built microphone, it becomes easier for you to communicate without any sound distortion. With the Dual Audio Drivers, you’ll get the top-notch audio quality. There is no match of these earphones under 500. You can get this product in multiple color options. Also, the Warranty of one year is more than sufficient at this pricing. pros
  • Perfect for in-game communication and also casual voice calls and meetings.
  • Dual Audio Drivers provide excellent audio quality to music lovers.
  • The snuggly fit due to unique design provides a perfect noise cancellation effect.
  • Comes with the one-year Warranty.
  • Not very efficient for listening to the songs.
  • Claiming the Warranty on this device is a time-consuming process.

9 – boat Bassheads 225 Special Edition

boAt bassheads are the most popular in-ear headphones lineup in the market. We’ve already listed the other boAt bassheads product on this list. If you are willing to prefer the looks more but also don’t want to sacrifice the audio quality, then the boAt bassheads 225 is the best option for your needs. It comes with the premium metal build, which provides the strength and premium look to this product. It provides excellent noise cancellation and good sound quality. If you love listening to the songs, then using this boAt Bassheads 225 special edition is a good choice. This earphone comes with a high-quality in-built microphone, which works perfectly fine for normal voice calling and even lightweight mobile multiplayer gaming. You can find this product in multiple color options. pros
  • Flat Cables are Durable and tangle-free.
  • High-Quality Neodymium Speakers for excellent music listening experience
  • Premium Looks with metal construction for Snug Fitting.
  • ● Reasonable Pricing
  • Available in Multiple color options.
  • After-sales Service is not so good.

10 – SoundOne E20

You might not have heard the name of the SoundOne brand. But the SoundOne E20 is one excellent product from the company. These earphones look a bit basic from the outside. But the internals are very high-quality and provide very good audio quality. It delivers crystal clear sound, and that’s good for the music. The SoundOne E20 is made with a blend of metal and plastic, which works very well. The durability is undoubtedly good, as there are some users who have been using this for more than a year now. With the good quality in-built microphone, you can attend the voice calls, participate in the video meetings, and even play the online multiplayer games like PUBG and CS: GO. The six months warranty is not that promising, but the pricing is very competitive and affordable. pros
  • Simple yet Powerful Earphone under 500 Rupees
  • The 10mm audio drivers deliver crystal-clear audio
  • The in-built microphone works perfectly fine.
  • The metal and plastic construction provide durability.
  • Six months’ warranty is disappointing.
  • The cables are not tangle-free.

Final Words

Buying the earphones is a good investment, as no one wants to listen to music or audio through crappy smartphone speakers. Having the earphone provides you the privacy and personalized experience listening to the music and other audio content. Be it watching the movies, listening to the songs, or talking with your friends and colleagues, using the wired earphones proves to be the best option. Fortunately, there are hundreds of good options available in the Indian market for earphone lovers. In this post, we’ve listed only the best earphones under ₹500 from the online marketplaces. You can find these earphones very useful for long term usage. Check these earphones and order the one that you like and suits all your requirements.

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