10 Best Modem Router Combo 2022 [Reviews + Buying Guide]

10 Best Modem Router Combo 2022 [Reviews + Buying Guide]


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Modems and routers are seen almost in every urban home nowadays. However, for those who are not exactly familiar with what the words entail or mean, we are here to help you out. A modem is short for modulator-demodulator, it is a device that converts analog signals from your internet service provider (ISP) into digital information. Basically, a modem is your gateway to connecting to the internet thereby creating a Wide Area Network (WAN). In contrast to this, a router is used to set up a Local Area Network (LAN). The router allows different local devices to connect to the internet while also letting the devices share data or communicate with each other.

A router also provides a shielding effect to your devices. It makes it seem like all the traffic from your Local Area Network is coming from a single device. So, although a modem can generate an internet connection for one gadget, you will need a router if you want to connect multiple devices to the internet. In this way, a modem cannot exist without a router and vice versa. Via the means of this article, we will teach you how to use a modem router combo and also provide you with an articulate buying guide of which setup you should invest in.

How To Use Modem Router Combo?

Knowing how to configure the modem router combo can be a tricky task. Just follow the steps listed below to navigate your way around setting up the apparatus:

Step 1: If you are getting cable or fiber optic internet, you will need to connect a coaxial cable to the power outlet. This will grant you internet access. However, if you have a DSL modem, you will need to connect a phone line to a wall socket.

Step 2: Connect the other end of the coaxial cable or phone line to your modem.

Step 3: Look for the AC adapter port present on the back of your modem. After that, connect the AC adapter to your modem.

Step 4: Choose a spot to place your router. It should preferably be an open space, as walls, metal objects, and furniture can tend to obstruct the signal, leading to a poor connection.

Step 5: Connect the modem and the router using an Ethernet cable. The router should have a port that is highlighted and marked ‘WAN’ or ‘Internet’.

Step 6: Once the connection has been made, plug in your router into a wall socket to turn it on.

Step 7: Wait for a minute or two and let the apparatus find an Internet signal.

Step 8: Get a second Ethernet cable and plug it into a ‘LAN’ port on your router.

Step 9: Connect the other end of the second Ethernet cable to your laptop or PC by locating the LAN port on these devices.

Step 10: Once the modem router combo is booted up, load any webpage on your laptop or PC. If the page loads, voila, you now have an Internet connection!

Step 11: Check the modem’s admin IP address. It will usually be mentioned on the back of the modem itself. Proceed to type this IP address into your URL bar.

Step 12: Change the default username and password. If you skip this time, hackers can access your device easily. They usually use default username and password combos to hack into any gadget, thereby compromising your security.

Step 13: If there are any updates available, update your router’s firmware at the earliest. This keeps your device functioning at optimum speed and fixes most performance lag issues.

Step 14: Connect all your mobile phones, laptops, and desktops to the wireless internet connection you have just set up and enjoy premium Internet services hereafter!

Top Best Modem Router Combos + Reviews

  1. D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N 300 ADSL2 + Router

Priced affordably and coming with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, this modem router combo is definitely worth the hype. This high-performance modem router combo supports lightning-fast download speeds of 24 Mbps and provides you with an upload speed of 1 Mbps. Compatible with most standard brands such as BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, and TATA, this gadget packs a couple of striking features that make it stand out from other competing products.

Usually, home routers are infamous for not providing users with much of a network range, but this D-Link modem router combo works seamlessly even in 1500-1800 square feet homes. This apparatus is compatible with existing 802.11b and 802.11g wireless equipment, making it perfect for all slightly older devices too. With this dual antenna set-up, you can rest assured that if you buy this product, you will not regret your decision. Moreover, the presence of the backlit LED notification panel is just the cherry atop the cake, making it easier to check your notifications.

·      Presence of air vents that prevent overheating ·      Need to update router firmware constantly
·      24 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream ·      LED lights malfunction sometimes
·      WPA2 with AES encryption ·      Powers off randomly on its own, needs to be restarted then
·      Quick installation ·      Adapter that comes with the package is local and not branded
·      Value for money ·      Disappointing customer support
  1. TENDA D303 Wireless N300 ADSL2+/3G Modem Router

Who does not want to have access to uninterrupted, fast internet? You can download large files in a couple of seconds with this incredible device! Particularly popular for its wireless-N 300 Mbps router, the Tenda modem router combo does not stay in stock for long, given its huge demand. Also compatible with most big brands such as Airtel, TATA, BSNL, and Reliance, the package includes an AC power adapter, a detailed instruction manual, an ethernet Cable, and an ADSL splitter alongside a few phone cords.

The configuration process is easy and hassle-free. Once the modem router combo is booted up, it gives off a strong signal, making it suitable for multiple devices. The WAN/LAN interchangeable port makes the setting-up procedure all the more convenient. Simply plug an activated 3G USB modem, and you will find that the Tenda modem router combo automatically connects to a mobile broadband. Thus, if and when the DSL/cable connection is disconnected for any reason, the modem router combo will connect to a mobile network instantly.

·      Ideal for office use ·      Heating issues observed
·      Ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity ·      Slow reboot and initialization process
·      Provides a great network range ·      Wi-Fi settings are a little difficult to modify
·      Can be used with both telecom and cable broadband ·      Not as lightweight as other models
·      3 years replacement warranty ·      Plastic casing seems cheaply made
  1. TP-LINK TD-W8961N Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Wi-Fi Modem Router

This model by TP-Link is seen in most homes as it supports a RJ11 or telephone line. Equipped with 2 5 dBi omnidirectional antennas, the range provided by this modem router combo is phenomenal. The sleek design is not only modern but also quite practical. This package from Amazon comes with a ADSL2+ modem, a 4-port LAN switch, a wide coverage router, and a 300 Mbps wireless N access point. It is a robust all-in-one solution that solves most of your Internet issues.

However, it is very essential to note that this gadget does not have a WAN port and thus, is not compatible with a RJ45 or ethernet cable. Since most modem router combos are compatible with the RJ45 cable, this is a major downside of this model which cannot be overlooked. However, in contrast to this, the firewall protection and quality of service provided by this product is significantly better than other models in the same price range.

·      Suitable for bandwidth intensive work ·      Not compatible with an ethernet cable
·      Easy setup assistant ·      No LED light panel
·      Multi language support provided ·      Has to be rebooted frequently
·      Dual 5 dBi antennas ·      Sudden signal drop noticed
·      Well designed and built ·      Changing the default settings is complicated
  1. D-Link DSL-2730U Wireless-N 150 ADSL2+ 4-Port Router

This D-Link product is one of the best low cost, high speed modem router combos available in the market. It is quintessential for a small office as although it does not provide a very good range because of the single antenna design, it shows incredible efficacy. The signal barely ever drops and the boot-up process is super simple and quick. The device also hosts a plethora of other features that include four built-in Ethernet ports alongside firewall protection.

The QoS provided enables secure transfer of photos, files, music, video, and e-mails over the Internet. It is essential to protect your device from cyber threats. Keeping this in mind, this modem router combo also features DoS attack prevention and allows users to set up parental controls for their young children. In addition to your standard encryption modes, a few other advanced security settings help keep your apparatus safe, thereby protecting all your connected devices too.

·      Maximum speed of 150 Mbps ·      Single antenna design
·      Provides a ton of safety features ·      Only compatible with RJ11
·      Decent price ·      Does not support fiber net
·      Great network stability ·      LED lights are faulty
·      Clear instructions provided for set-up and installation ·      Poor customer service facility
  1. NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220

Buying a modem router combo is more cost-effective than having to buy both these gadgets separately. Having your own modem with Wi-Fi eliminates monthly rental charges that can amount to over 200 dollars a year. With the capacity to support over 20 devices and provide seamless Internet connectivity at 200 Mbps, this Netgear modem router combo is an ideal fit for high-intensity workspaces. However, according to the product description on the official website, this product is best suited to 1200 square feet spaces. Beyond that, the signal might be unstable and start to fluctuate.

Although this Netgear product works with most major cable providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, and COX, it is not compatible with companies like Verizon and AT & T. However, you do have to check with the company beforehand as in some states like New York, this device does not support the Spectrum cable provider either. In addition to this, a very major downside of this modem router combo is that it is not compatible with VPN, something which the manufacturers have conveniently refrained from mentioning in the product description.

·      Has a dual band feature ·      You have to pay for customer support after 3 months
·      No heating issues observed ·      Videos buffer and freeze despite the speed mentioned
·      Manufactured with 16 x 4 channel bonding ·      Ethernet connection is inconsistent
·      Supports even advanced security protocols ·      Cannot be configured by beginners
·      Great service center chain across the country ·      Seems poorly made
  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo

This is another Netgear modem router combo that is worth including in this list. Netgear is known for making and marketing some of the most reasonably priced and efficient routers and modems commercially. Thus, even though you might not get excellent customer service with Netgear, you can at least rest assured that the product is going to be both reliable and durable. It is also worth noting that this device is backed by the Amazon 90 Day Renewed Guarantee which makes it even more of a safe choice to bet on.

The Nighthawk is not a DSL modem. If you have a DSL phone cable, this product is not for you. However, the Nighthawk is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality that has a decent range and 4 LAN ports at the back of the modem for an Ethernet line connection. Coming at an unbeatable price range, providing a maximum speed of 400 Mbps, this modem router combo is certainly worth a try.

·      Unbeatable price range ·      It is a refurbished product
·      Gives sturdy signal even when used with Fire TV devices ·      No compatible with a large number of cable bundled voice services
·      Fast internet speed ·      Does not work with DSL
·      Four gigabit ethernet ports provided ·      Bulky design
·      Manufactured with 24 x 8 channel bonding ·      Cables do not come as part of the package
  1. Motorola MG7700 24×8 Cable Modem Plus AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router

Equipped with a 600 Mbps download speed and a 1900 Mbps maximum Wi-Fi speed, this Motorola modem router combo is built keeping in mind very specific needs. It is especially perfect for those who want to be able to stream in HD and transfer large files in a couple of seconds. In addition to this, this Motorola product has a unique ‘Wi-Fi Power Boost’ feature that enhances your Wi-Fi speed by amplifying the signal to the standards set by the Federal Communications Commission.

However, this product too, like most others in this range, does not support fiber optic, satellite, or DSL internet. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz beamforming feature further improves the internet stability by concentrating the signal on your wireless device. The clean, sleek look of the modem router fits nicely into your home space, cutting down on the need of wires. Weighing around 1.5 pounds, this set-up is slightly heavier than its counterparts.

·      2 Year warranty ·      Need professional help to update firmware
·      Dual band Wi-Fi router ·      More expensive than other options
·      Strong, uninterrupted signal ·      Substandard quality
·      Excellent customer support ·      Adapter might turn out to be defective
·      Reputed company ·      Item is a DOCSIS 2.0, not a DOCSIS 3.0 as advertised
  1. NETGEAR C6250-100NAS AC1600 (16×4) WiFi Cable Modem Router Combo (C6250)

This is another great Netgear product from the Amazon Renewed Store. Priced at a meagre 70 $, this product saves you twice the money it costs in one year itself. Equipped with dual band frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz alongside DOCSIS 3.0, investing in this Netgear product is definitely the smart choice to make. You also get to access the Netgear GENIE app, which allows you to modify and change security settings as per your requirements.

You can also turn on parental controls and restrict content you do not want younger children to be able to access. This content filtering system is particularly handy and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4, or Google Chrome 11.0 browsers or higher. Given that this is one of the few modern modem router combos still supporting Windows XP, it is the perfect choice for people who are still using older versions of operating systems.

·      Ease of installation ·      Not particularly useful for the wireless apparatus
·      Clear, articulate instructions provided for set-up ·      Overheating issues seen
·      Achieves speeds of over 300 Mbps ·      Lag in internet connection observed
·      Recommended by experts ·      Heavy and difficult to carry
·      Channel bonding feature allows for a further increment in speed ·      Not as efficient as other Netgear products
  1. ARRIS SURFboard SBG10 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem & AC1600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

The Arris Surfboard combines a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi router that provides a decent range. With this modem router combo, you can cut down on the need to own multiple devices and integrate this apparatus into your workspace and home seamlessly. This product comes with 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels. The device is compatible with most cable providers including Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity and others. However, the device supports only 2 gigabit ethernet ports and does not support even a single USB port, which is a disadvantage for users.

The price of this modem with a 4-year warranty still beats the price of renting a modem from Comcast or Xfinity for just a single year. This Arris product also has shown positive results consistently across all speed tests, which is a testament to its credibility and is a feature that must be highlighted. In addition to all these perks, instead of having to manually set up the device, you can just call the company and they will activate the modem router combo for you in a matter of minutes.

·      Preset unique password which is impossible to hack ·      Range could be improved
·      Lightning-fast internet speed ·      Cannot be used with a coax splitter
·      Extremely simple to use ·      Frequent network issues seen after the course of a few weeks
·      Brand new product at the bare minimum price ·      Needs to be constantly rebooted
·      Best replacement for Comcast or Xfinity modem ·      Also claims to be DOCSIS 3.0, but is actually the 2.0 version
  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo (C7800)

This inclusion in the list of top modem router combos is actually competent enough to power a large workspace! It allows uninterrupted internet access to over 45 devices and operates at a speed of 2000 Mbps. Coming with the DOCSIS 3.1, the humungous price tag of 329 $ attached to this product seems justifiable. Engineered with top-notch 32 x 8 channel bonding, this Netgear product packs some of the most powerful features possible, making it the most viable option for those looking for high-capacity modems and routers.

The presence 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 gigabit ethernet ports gives you fast wired connections to your computer, printer, game box, storage drive, and all other devices that you might wish to use. Get up to 3000 square feet of wireless coverage! However, you do have to be careful about setting up this modem router combo in a fairly open space. Heavy metal, thick walls, or a lot of furniture can seriously impede the signal.

·      Packs unbeatable features ·      Cannot be self activated through the internet as claimed by company
·      Equipped with DOCSIS 3.1 ·      Intermittent signal if not placed in a fairly open space
·      Has advanced security features ·      Hardware replacement warranty costs extra
·      Excellent tech support provided by Netgear ·      Overheats easily
·      Perfect for high-intensity work ·      Might have faulty coaxial ports

Modem Router Combo Buying Guide

Do Not Be Fooled By The Price

Check the product description thoroughly. Some products are priced significantly lower than others because they are from the Amazon Renewed Store, which basically means the items are refurbished. Even if the products are brand new, they might be marketed at a lower cost because of less number of features. Always invest in a higher quality product if you have the money, as it will yield you much greater returns in the future.

Check If The Product Has A WAN or LAN port

If the modem router combo you are thinking of buying does not have a WAN port, it cannot be used with anything other than a cable connection. For an ethernet connection, a WAN port is essential. Moreover, you should also check how many LAN ports the device offers as these will help you connect more local devices to your router.

Learn More About The Wireless Coverage Provided

If you have a 3000 square feet home and you buy a modem router combo with a wireless coverage of 1800 square feet, the product will be rendered practically useless. The range provided by the router especially is of great importance. As the physical distance between the router and the device you wish to use the internet on increases, the signal becomes weaker. This is why you must call and ask the manufacturing company about the range of the router if it is not mentioned in the product description.

Look Out For Advanced Security Protocols

In today’s day and age, where cyber threats are common and need to be combatted effectively, advanced security protocols can play a great role. The standard encryption modes are WPA/WPA2 and WPA with AES. In addition to this, some modem router combos provide added features like parental controls, firewall protection, and DoS attack prevention, which can prove to be very handy.

FAQs Related To Modem Router Combos

Do I Need Professional Help To Install The Modem Router Combo?

In most cases, the modem router combo can be easily set up by the user with the help of the detailed instructions provided in the user manual. Professional help is not required. Even in cases where the set-up is a little complicated, as long as the user plugs in the cables in the right manner, companies provide a call-in activation feature. Through this, the company directly activates the modem router combo for you after verifying your credentials, making the process even simpler.

What Exactly Is The Channel Bonding Feature?

The channel bonding feature is not present in all models but is seen prominently in Netgear routers. What channel bonding does is that it helps your internet service provider to split your web traffic among multiple internet connections. This means that the user should technically not have any problems trying to stream a large movie because traffic is split at the basal level. Basically, this feature allows for a marked increment in operating speed.

What Do I Do In Case My Modem Router Combo Stops Working After The Warranty Period?

Usually, reputed brands offer a warranty of up to 3 years on the modem router combo. You can also buy an extended hardware and software warranty separately from the manufacturer’s official website. In the unlikely case that your device does malfunction, you will be covered this way. However, if you do not want to pay for the extra charge, you can always just take the apparatus to a decent local service center. They get the job done at dirt-cheap costs.

Will My Modem Router Combo Be Compatible With My Fire Stick TV?

Yes, generally all modern modem router combos that have been manufactured after 2015 are compatible with Fire Stick TVs. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, you can rest assured that the device will support your Fire Stick TV.

Final Words

You no longer need to worry about tangled wires and messy cables, going wireless is the future. With the help of this detailed directory about everything pertaining to modem router combos, you now know how to use and install them while selecting the best option that caters to your individual needs. In addition to this, the buying guide should help you to look out for a few key features in your product that cannot be skimped upon. With a few simple steps, you will cut down on hefty charges of rental Wi-Fi connections by installing your personal router. This will give you both increased operational speed and functionality. Make sure that the device is placed in a well-ventilated space to prevent overheating issues. After this is done, you are all set and good to go!

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