Top 10 Best Smart Watch Under 500 In India

Top 10 Best Smart Watch Under 500 In India


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We are surrounded by smartphones and now, even our watches have gotten smarter. Smartwatches and smartphones go hand in hand. This smartwatch pairs with the owner’s smartphone and notifies the user of all incoming calls, messages, emails, and other notifications from existing applications. Some smartwatches can even perform the function of making phone calls for the user. Most modern smartwatches have switched to using colour displays, but some inexpensive models still stick to a conventional black-and-white display. The user can operate the smartwatch via the means of a touch screen, buttons on the watch, or a combination of the two.

Some smartwatches are designed specifically for fitness and come equipped with pedometers, oximeters, and heart-rate monitors to help users track their progress. These are generally pricier than other models. However, a lot of companies have launched cheaper versions of smartwatches that can perform all the same functions, all without pinching our pockets. We will take a comprehensive look at the list of the top 10 best smart watch under 500 in India. After giving you a brief overview of the product, we will discuss their pros and cons and whether investing in the product would be the right choice for you.

1. SHREE NOVA ID116 Plus Bluetooth Fitness Smart Watch

This Shree Nova product is our first pick in our list of the top 10 smart watch under 500. It comes at an unbelievable price of INR 399 and provides all the features of a higher-end smartwatch. All you have to do is install an application on your phone and connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth. The smartwatch will then help you track everything ranging from your heart rate to the calories you have burnt throughout the day. You can also measure your step count and your daily activity time by scrolling through the settings on this smartwatch. Another method of checking these parameters is by logging in through the app you have installed on your phone. However, you cannot make any phone calls via this watch. It is also important to note that this Shree Nova product is not rated highly by customers for its durability and will probably not last you more than 1 or 2 years.

Pros Cons
Accurate step count Not very durable
The sleep monitor is a great inclusion Does not allow you to make phone calls from the watch
Lets you check your notifications from the watch itself  
Has an OLED display  
Is also compatible with your laptop  

2. SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch

This SHOPTOSHOP smartwatch may not have an OLED display, but it comes packed with a TFT HD LCD touch screen. You even have the option of choosing between four different operation interfaces that have been in-built into the watch. The setup process for this watch is also similar to the first Shree Nova smartwatch. This fitness band tracks 3 professional sports modes. These include Sit-up and Rope Skipping modes. You can also jog and run after enabling the automatic activity detection mode. The smartwatch also has a unique ‘Sedentary Reminder’ feature which is quite beneficial for those of us who spend the entire day glued to their screens. If you lounge around for too long without engaging in any active exercise, the watch will alert you of the ill-effects this can have on your overall health. Disengaged portable USB charging makes the charging process more convenient and simpler when compared to other smartwatches. This is another pro of this watch, making it another great smart watch under 500 in Amazon.

Pros Cons
3 sports modes Build quality can be improved
Sedentary Reminder feature  
Detachable dial that can be charged separately  
Sleek design  
Can withstand small amounts of water  

3. HUG PUPPY M4 Smart Band Bluetooth Wrist Band

Hug Puppy has created this smartwatch in several designs and colours. The particular model we will discuss is black in colour and comes priced at INR 449. Other colours this fitness tracker is available in are white and golden. The watch also features 3 sport modes like product #2 on this list of smartwatches. A note from the manufacturer tells users to charge the watch for at least 2 hours before using it for the first time. The battery capacity is 135 mAh and is supposed to last 3 days after a single charge. The watch also comes equipped with a sleep monitor which is quite commendable at this price range. The watch can be used by both men and women but it needs to be connected with a fitness app on your phone first. All the instructions will be provided in the booklet that comes with the package.  Buyers interested in this new smart watch under 500 in 2021 should note that the watch requires Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.1 or above, and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Pros Cons
Can receive or reject calls using the watch Not water-proof
Good battery capacity  
Unisex design  
Detailed colour display  
Comes with a simple user instruction manual  

4. DUBBY Smart Band M4– Fitness Band

This product is undoubtedly one of the best smart watch under 500 with Play Store. The watch will not work until you install the app on your smartphone and pair your smartwatch to it. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Although you will not be able to call or text using your watch, you will be able to check all your notifications easily on it. The watch is totally touch-enabled and is equipped with special features such as ‎an alarm, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and an activity tracker. Rated 4.1 stars out of 5 by users on Amazon, this DUBBY product has been applauded for its appreciable battery backup too. If you are looking to invest in a low-budget smartwatch that performs all the basic functionalities and can last you a few good years, this product is worth buying.

Pros Cons
Highly rated by customers The pedometer may not always show an accurate step count.
Affordable and sturdy  
OLED display works perfectly  
Light-weight build  

 5. Jeteck ID-116 Bluetooth Smartwatch Wireless Fitness Band

This is the best smart watch under 500 with camera. It is one of the very few smartwatches available in India that come at this price range and are packed with such amazing features. The watch is quite waterproof and instantly switches to Swimming Mode under deep water. This means that you can wear this watch even when you go swimming! This product is quite a steal at this price point with a large 1.3-inch screen display and high sensitivity touch. The watch’s screen has an in-built smart call reminder and comes with the much-raved about camera. It can count your steps, track your calories, and monitor your sleep. However, since this is a relatively new product, it is quite difficult to estimate how durable or sturdy this watch will be in the long-run. If this is a technicality you are not too worried about, we will definitely recommend that you try this amazing smartwatch.

Pros Cons
Unique Swimming Mode New model with not much customer feedback
Very sensitive to touch  
Commendable battery life  
Comes with a camera  

6. YASHVI TOYS ID-116 Bluetooth Smartwatch Wireless Fitness Band

Yashvi Toys has marketed this smartwatch as a sports and gym fitness band. This wireless smartwatch is capable of performing most functions that you would expect from a high-tier smartwatch priced at over INR 10k. To make any modifications to the watch interface, you have to access the watch through the app installed on your phone. You can use this aforementioned app to change the time, select various Sports Modes, track your daily activity time, and so on. However, interested buyers should note that this watch is not as lightweight as some of its counterparts. This is only because the watch is quite solid and does not come with cheap rubber straps. The quality of the material used is good and should last for a couple of years at least. For all of you looking for a reliable smart watch under 500 rupees, this is a product you can opt for.

Pros Cons
Reliable quality Battery life can be improved
Helps you accurately measure your daily activity time  
Is easy to setup  
Comes with a remote capture feature  

7. Peytil ID116 ID116 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band Watch

A smartwatch was always considered to be a costly investment. Buyers spent days deciding which watch they should buy after looking at a lot of technical jargon they did not understand. However, this buying process has been simplified to a great extent now. We have curated the perfect list for budget-friendly smartwatches for you and this Peytil watch is no exception. It is one of the cheapest smart watch under 500. To use this product properly, you have to download an app named VeryFitPro. The watch’s settings can be controlled via the means of this app. You can customise watch faces, set timers and alarms, control your music, and much more. Everything is easily accessible at the click of a button. The touch sensitivity of the watch is also remarkable at this price point. Although the dial of the watch is not waterproof, the body is.

Pros Cons
Very affordable and does not require you to invest a lot in the product Does not come with a charger
Has a variety of customisable watch interfaces  
Equipped with the Sedentary Reminder feature  
Good customer service  

8. MARVIK® XT9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Wireless Fitness Band

This is a multifunctional smart watch under 500 waterproof. It is a fitness band with wireless Bluetooth functionality and a heart rate sensor. You can check your daily activity using the Activity Recorder, track your sleep cycles using the Sleep Monitor, and measure your calorie intake using the Calorie Counter. In addition to this, you will get to instantly check your call notifications, set alarms, and message your friends using this smartwatch. The uniquely designed USB charging port supports smart phones, Tablets, and PC’s and is compatible with both Android and IOS. Receive and reject calls with this watch all white setting important dates on your calendar. You will never miss out on any notifications once you buy this MARVIK product. Users recommend it for those who want to try a smartwatch but do not want to shell out big bucks for the product just yet.

Pros Cons
Classy design Difficulty encountered while changing the settings of the watch
Rated highly by users  
Unisex band can be worn by both men and women  

9. SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch

We have already seen that SHOPTOSHOP manufactures quality smartwatches that are both affordable and trendy. This fitness tracker watch also fits this description. The Resolution ratio of this smartwatch deserves a special mention. Users get a bang for their buck with a 128×64 pixel resolution under 500 Indian rupees. Searching for a 4G smart watch under 500 in India? Look no further because this SHOPTOSHOP product comes with a 380MAH polymer lithium battery that can last for days on a single charge. You need not deal with the hassle of carrying your watch charger everywhere you go anymore. The flexible watch straps ensure that this watch fits everyone comfortably. A lot of attention to detail has been put in while manufacturing this product which is what makes it worth all the hype it is getting. You can count on this smartwatch to accurately measure both your calories and your steps and help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Pros Cons
Polymer lithium battery with a good battery life The manual provided is difficult to interpret and is not user-friendly
Comfortable silicon straps fit your wrist perfectly  
Excellent resolution  
The display is sharp and intuitive  

10. Latest Gen ID116 Plus Bluetooth Fitness Smart Watch

Most of the smartwatches that we have taken a look at through this list have been unisex. This watch too can be worn by both men and women but it would look particularly good on a girl. Although this Latest Gen product does not support voice or video calling either, it helps you check your Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter notifications anywhere and everywhere. This smartwatch model comes in many colours, making it one of the best choices when it comes to a smart watch under 500 for girl. On standby, the watch’s battery can last up to over a week. Moreover, the watch is compatible with a unique way of charging. It directly fits into the adapter of your mobile phone. You do not require any extra cables or wires. Live a smart lifestyle without pinching your pocket with the help of this affordable smartwatch that is packed with incredible features.  

Pros Cons
No cables required for charging Not very durable
Watch strap colour can be customised  
The watch easily connects to your smartphone  
Is lightweight  
Compatible with any mobile adapter  

Final Words

A good smartwatch is difficult to find. A lot of research has gone into preparing this guide for the best smart watch under 500 for you. You must invest in a product only after carefully going through the list of features it offers. With a quality smartwatch, users expect nothing short of an AMOLED touchscreen with an intuitive interface. The watch should have a premium design and come with an accurate calorie counter, pedometer, and activity tracker. High-end watch models even feature GPS functionality nowadays alongside many other smart controls that make our lives simpler. The battery life must also be taken into consideration as no one wants to have to deal with the hassle of having to charge their watch daily. A good smartwatch can make a style statement like none other. If you invest in any of the products we have listed above, you will certainly not end up being disappointed.

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