Top 10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 For Men – Review & Buying Guide

Taking care of facial hair is one of the most important things for men. Without facial care, no man is complete. With the help of trimmers, it is easy to get rid of facial hair. There are a lot of good trimmers available in the market, but the superior ones are expensive. That doesn’t mean you cannot get the best trimmer under 1000. If you research well on the internet, you can find many of the best trimmers under 1000 in the market. All you need to do is the proper research, and you’ll find the best trimmer that suits your needs.

But, the process of performing the research is not that easy. You need to take care of more than a few things before choosing the best trimmer. You should check out the trim settings, blade quality, power supply, and many other things. For any employed person, that’s a tedious task, as you have to spend some time doing the research. If you cannot find the best trimmers under 1000, then there is nothing to worry about. In this post, we will share the list of the best trimmers for men under 1000. All you have to do is to check out the list of the best trimmers for men and choose the best one that suits your needs

Best Trimmer Under 1000 INR

Product Name Rating Price
Mi XXQ02HM Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Check Price
Philips BT1212 Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Check Price
Flipkart Smartbuy Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Check Price
Ambrane ATR-11 Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Check Price
NOVA NHT 1096 Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Check Price
Syska UltraTrim HD800 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Check Price
Panasonic ER-GB30 Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Check Price
Kubra KB1001 Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Check Price
LifeLong Cordless Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Check Price
Kemel KM-809A Trimmer ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Check Price

#1 – Mi XXQ02HM Trimmer

Xiaomi is behaving like a typical Chinese company and is entering every segment. With the Mi XXQ02HM trimmer, it has been proved. The Mi Trimmer is one of the finest trimmers you can find in the market. It’s a cordless and wet trimmer that is suitable for all beard types. You can trim the stiff beard with ease, thanks to the stainless steel blades with sharp edges. The blades are self-sharpening, so you are not going to experience degraded trimming quality.

The battery of this product is very powerful, as it can hold the charge for more than 50 minutes with ease. With the 50 minutes of continuous operation, you can easily use it in your saloon to pass it to your friends after a full charge. The best thing about this product is high-quality polycarbonate material, which makes it solid and sturdy. If this is your first time buying the trimmer, then Mi XXQ02HM Cordless trimmer should be your first choice.

Pros Cons
●      Superior Build Quality ●      Gets Hot Quickly
●      Self-sharpening stainless steel blades ●       Takes Long time to Fully Charge
●      50-Minutes Battery Life
●      Supports Wet Trimming

#2 – Philips BT1212 Cordless Trimmer

Philips is one of the oldest players in the trimmers industry. The Philips QT4001 cordless trimmer is the entry-level and budget-friendly trimmer from this company. With the matte finish plastic, the build quality of this product is superior. The entire product has the groove-design, which makes it easier for the user to handle it properly. It becomes easier to use this product with a superior grip even with the wet hands or with the gloves.

There is the detachable trimming head, which is rounded. The rounded head makes it comfortable to use it on the skin. Also, the stainless steel blades are sharp and high-quality, helping them have clean trim. The trim length ranges from 0.5 mm for fine trimming and 18mm for leveling the beard for the users. The product comes with a battery backup of 30-minutes and takes nearly 8 hours to fully charging. Considering the pricing and the features, it deserves to be the second-best trimmer under 1000 in India.

Pros Cons
●      Superior Build Quality ●      Only single trim head
●      Self-sharpening stainless steel blades ●       Very Slow Charging Speed
●      30-Minutes Battery Life
●      Trim Length = 0.5mm to 18mm

#3 – Flipkart SmartBuy Trimmer

Flipkart SmartBuy Trimmer is one of the best trimmers under 1000 Indian rupees. This product has a single-tone and glossy exterior with a stylish design. Holding this product in the hands feels like holding a premium product. Just like the other modern-day trimmers, the blades are made from stainless steel and are self-sharpening. There are four adjustable combs for the fine trimming, which you can use to adjust the trim length to 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.

With the Micro-USB charging port, it becomes easier to charge this device with any USB cable lying in your house. The battery is sturdy and provides 30 minutes of power backup for continuous usage. But, it takes nearly eight to nine hours to fully charge. Also, the users have complained of the depleting battery capacity. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best trimmers for men under 1000.

Pros Cons
●      Glossy Single-Tone Exterior ●      Cheap Plastic Build Quality
●      High-Quality Stainless Steel Blades ●       Very Slow Charging Speed
●      30-Minutes Battery Life
●      Four Adjustable Combs

#4 –  Ambrane ATR-11 Trimmer

When it comes to Ambrane, you don’t have to worry about their electronic products’ quality. This trimmer comes with an ergonomic design and the grooved exterior, which makes it easier to hold in the hands. Also, the use of high-quality plastic for the construction of this product makes it durable. To adjust the trim length from 0.5mm to 10mm, you have the adjustable dialer.

Just attach the head and adjust the trim length for getting a fine shave according to your needs. This product comes with the two different sized trimming heads, which is essential for the people who have different types of hairs, i.e., Thick and Thin. With the Micro-USB charging option, it’s easier to charge this device with any third-party charger device. This product is not waterproof, but the head is detachable and washable. With the two-years warranty, you won’t get disappointed.

Pros Cons
●      Made with High-Quality Plastic ●      Not Waterproof
●      20-Adjustable Trim Length Settings ●      Gets Pretty Hot While Using
●      50-Minutes Battery Life
●      Two Detachable Heads
●       Two Years Brand Warranty

#5 –  Nova NHT 1096 Trimmer

If you are looking for a stylish trimmer that will suit your style statement needs, then the Nova NHT 1096 trimmer is the best option. The Nova Trimmer works without making any noise. You don’t have to worry about the noise and the vibrations due to the motor and the shaking blades. This trimmer has the rotating knob, which lets you change the trim settings from 0.5mm to 20mm.

The 0.5mm is the best for fine trimming, while the 20mm is good for leveling the hairs only. This product has a powerful battery backup, which provides life for 90-minutes. The Nova trimmer charges fully within two to three hours, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get it charged. With the two-year International warranty, you can get prompt customer service from the official service centers.

Pros Cons
●      Stylish Looks ●      Not Waterproof
●      Trim Settings = 0.5mm to 20mm
●      90-Minutes Battery Life
●      Fast Charging
●       Two Years Brand Warranty

#6 – Syska UltraTrim HD800

The Syska UltraTrim HD800 trimmer is my favorite since last year. This is my second and the most recent trimmer that I have been using since last year. It’s similar to the Philips trimmers but has some different design elements. The ergonomic design makes it easier to hold this product in hand for a long time. Like the other trimmers, it won’t cause hand pains and won’t slip from your wet hands due to the grooved design on the surface.

It provides the proper grip and looks pretty premium. It comes with a high-quality stainless steel blade, which is pretty sharp and easily trims the facial hairs. You can use it to cut the head hairs, but that would require adjusting the trim length. The battery capacity is not that great. It works for only thirty minutes in a single charge of eight hours on average. So, if you love a great device but can adjust the battery capacity, then you are good to go for the Syska UltraTrim HD800 trimmer.

Pros Cons
●      Ergonomic Design with Proper Grip ●      Not Waterproof
●      High-Quality Stainless Steel Blades ●      Only 30-Minutes battery Backup
●      Adjustable Trim Settings ●      Takes Eight Hours for a Full Charge
●      Skin Friendly

#7 – Panasonic ER-GB30 Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB30 trimmer is one of the best trimmers under 1000, that has stylish looks. It has the most stunning designs amongst all of the trimmers available in the market. With the Panasonic ER-GB30 trimmer, you can easily trim the stubborn beards, as it is equipped with the blades made with Japanese Technology. Japanese technology makes the blades stronger and sharper, effectively removing the stubborn beard and body hair. Once charged, you can continuously use this trimmer for nearly 30 minutes.

Although 30 minutes is not a great battery backup, it works perfectly for the individuals, as with the single full charge, it will work for more than a few times. For fine trimming, it comes with the multiple trim level settings, ranging from 0.5mm to 18mm. Unlike other trimmers, this product is equipped with non-rechargeable batteries, which are replaceable. You can insert the rechargeable batteries in this trimmer with ease.

Pros Cons
●      Stylish Design – Looks Unique ●      Not Waterproof
●      Sharp Blades with Japanese Technology ●      Only 30-Minutes battery Backup
●      Adjustable Trim Settings = 0.5mm to 18mm ●      No Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries
●      Removable AAA Batteries

#8 – Kubra KB-1001 Trimmer

Most of us have not known the name of Kubra Trimmers. But after looking at the specifications sheet and the users’ reviews, I know that it’s one of the best trimmers in the market. With the Kubra KB-1001 trimmer, you can trim the beard and body hair easily. With the 40 length settings, you can style your beard or even the head hairs. Amongst all of the listed trimmers under 1000 for men, the Kubra KB-1001 supports the wired operations.

So, you can use it without the cords and use it while it’s being charged if you are in a hurry. When it comes to charging, it supports fast charging. So you can get a comfortable trimming experience after 10-20 minutes of charging. There is the protective ON/OFF switch, which is placed at a convenient place. So, you can control the trimmer while trimming your beard or even the head hairs. For those who need to trim the head, then they’ll find the adjustable heads very useful.

Pros Cons
●      Supports Fast Charging ●      Not Suitable for Wet Trimming
●      40 Length Settings for Convenience ●      Weak Customer Service Support
●      90-Minutes Battery Backup
●      Cordless and Corded Operation
●       Detachable and Adjustable Trimming Heads

#9 – LifeLong Cordless Beard Trimmer

If you’re looking for the finest trimmers for the beard trimming, then the LifeLong LLPCM05 cordless trimmer. It’s one of the finest trimmers, with the 0.4mm to 10mm trim setting. There is the dial on the handle, which helps you switch the trim settings. To use the trim settings, you must keep the detachable comb on the trimmer. If you want the superfine trim, then remove the trim head and then start trimming the beard.

This trimmer supports cordless operations. With a battery life of approximately 50 minutes, you can use it multiple times after a single full charge. The best thing we found about this product is that it is waterproof. You can wash the head and the comb under tap water without any issues. Also, use it for the wet trimming if you prefer the same. You should not worry about the technical issues with the one-year warranty and get this trimmer if it fits your needs.

Pros Cons
●      Washable Head and Comb ●      Weak Customer Service Support
●      Suitable for Wet Trimming ●      Takes Eight Hours for a Full Charge
●      90-Minutes Battery Backup
●      Cordless Operation

#10 – Kemel KM-809A Professional Trimmer

Fascinated by the trimmers used at the saloon? Want a professional trimmer for fulfilling your requirements? If Yes, then the Kemel KM-809A Professional trimmer is the best one for your requirements. It’s a professional trimmer that is useful for frequent usage. Unlike the other trimmers, it has a corded function and also supports the cordless operations. This is a heavy-duty corded professional trimmer, useful for the barbers and the saloon owners. With the sharp stainless steel blades, you can easily trim the beard to the finest and do the haircut.

You get the adjustable trim comb, which is suitable for the thick and stubborn beard and a haircut. As it’s a professional trimmer, using it with the power cord is a sensible thing. But in case of power failure, it does work with the inbuilt battery pack. It’s not a lightweight and ergonomic device, but it serves the heavy usage needs and is one of the best trimmers under 1000 for men in India.

Pros Cons
●      Professional Trimmer ●      Weights 200 grams
●      Suitable for Heavy Usage ●      Not Suitable for Individual Usage
●      Powerful Motor for Quick Trimming
●      Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
●        Multiple Adjustable combs for Haircut

Final Words

Beard Trimming is an essential part of men’s grooming. Just like the razor, it is critical to have the beard trimmer in your house. You can easily trim the uneven beard with the beard trimmer and get a fresh new look without shaving the same. Most of the filmstars and the grooming enthusiasts use the trimmers for keeping their facial hair in shape. Well, there are a lot of good men’s trimmers available in the market. You’ll find some high-quality trimmers under 1000 in offline and online marketplaces. For convenience, we’ve listed these best trimmers under 1000 for men. All you have to do is check the list and order the best trimmer under 1000 rupees that suit your requirements.

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