The 10 Best Wi-Fi Router for Long Range- 2022 Best WiFi router for long range Guide

Applying for a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) or opting to upgrade your existing one because you are facing slow/low connection issues?

Well, the first thing you might want to consider looking into would be for the best Wi-Fi router for long range.

Whether you are gamer or just  someone who wants a better internet connection at their home or at office, we will help you choose the best wifi router possible. Through this article you will be able to choose which router will suit your purpose the best. So whether you are sitting in the hallway, bedroom or on the 2nd floor in office, you will get the full Wi-Fi connection you always wanted.

Choosing the Wi-Fi at your home or at your office is really important, you don’t want a Wi-Fi router that speed capped at 100MBPS with an ISP connection of 500MBPS neither do you want the vice versa.  We suggest that you directly connect your Wi-Fi router to your PC to get the most out your internet speed. But if you are going to use it in office or if you want o use multiple device then choosing the best Wi-Fi router for long range is really important.

We won’t put a cap to the price of router that we are going to talk about today, rather we will provide you with 10 long range wifi routers with different features which you can use at home or office.

These routers will include routers for gamer with lag free connectivity and will also include office use router with 45+ wifi connectivity option.

So let’s begin with our list.

Things to Consider Before Buying 10 Best Wi-Fi Router for Long Range

There a few things that you will need to keep in mind before you go ahead and buy a costly long range router. Let us have a look at those points first:

ISP Connection Speed: You will first need to consider the speed of internet connection that you have or that you are about to get. If you don’t know about your internet speed then we suggest you contact your internet service provider (ISP) to get the best details. You will never want to choose a low speed router compare to your ISP connection speed nor do you want to buy a router with much higher speed then you would need at home as high speed routers tends to cost a lot.

Size of the Room: The next thing you will need to keep in mind is how big is the room or the house or office where you want to use your router. If you get a Wi-Fi router for your office you will need a router with much more longer range compared to the router you might use at home.

Number of Users: The router that you need also depends on the number of users that are going to connect to the Wi-Fi router. So if you are going to use the Best Wi-Fi router for long range at office you will also need to think about the active connection that the router will support which you don’t have to think about when you are using at home.

If you keeping all these factors in mind, it will really be easy for you to choose the best Wi-Fi router that you actually need.

The 10 Best Wi-Fi Router for Long Range of 2022

 TP – Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router – Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Work, VPN Server, Parental Control & QoS (Archer A7):

The TP – Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi router is an Amazon choice router which you can grab at a low price yet experience a great performance. And when we are talking about performance, we are talking about a Wi-Fi coverage of 2,500 sq. Ft. Not just range, the TP Link long range router offers up to 50+ different devices that is compatible to be connected such as TV, Printers, lights, web cam, game rigs and much more.

  • This is a wifi router for long range that supports all type of wifi devices which might be 802. 11AAC band or order bands. It is also compatible with Alexa.
  • With dual band accessibility you can either stay on the 2.4GHz + bandwidth for 450MBPS top speed or you can switch to the latest 5GHz bandwidth which will unlock speed up to 1300Mbps top speed. The 5GHz speed is great for 4K monitors users which love to steam without any lag or loading screen.
  • This Long range wifi router comes with 3 antennas to cover a total space of 2,500 sq feet.
  • With Lan connection you will get up to 4 Gigabit lan speed on all the 4 ports.
  • This router supports USB input. You can stream a single content on all the connected device through the USB connection.

With long range of 2,500 sq feet you can be sure that you will never lose a single bar on that wifi strength. The TP – Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router – Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Work, VPN Server, Parental Control & QoS (Archer A7) does provide with performance at low cost. Do take care that there aren’t much walls or other stuff blocking your router and also put the router in a high location for best result.


  • Really easy to setup.
  • Covers a space of 2,500 sq ft.
  • Has USB connectivity.
  • 4GHz bandwidth offers 450MBPS and 5GHz bandwidth offers 1300MBPS speed.


  • Has a maximum of only 20 connectivity option.

GENUINE REVIEW : ” Setup was fast and easy. Connected to three smart TV’s, two Home Theater Receivers and three desktop PC’s without issue. One PC is wired direct through the LAN port I get 240-255 Mbps. My second PC is at the opposite end of my 1740 sq/ft house from the router and I use a TP-Link Archer T4UH adapter I get 170-180 Mbps download speed. My third PC is only about 25 feet away using a Belkin model F9L1109v1 adapter I get 142-145 Mbps download speed. My point is the wireless adapter you use will make a difference.”

Tenda AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router High Speed Wireless Internet Roouter with smart app, MU-Mimo for home:

If you are searching for a long range router just for daily home use then the Tenda AC1200 Dual band high-speed long range router might interest you. This is a really cheap router that any casual gamer would love and any business owner can rely on who have to work for home. With 2000 sq ft of wifi coverage you can be sure that you get a good internet connection with good speed as well no matter where you are sitting at home.

  • With dual band wifi connection you will not just get quick connection but also get high speed internet which the different internet connections. With the 2.4GHz bandwidth you can get up to 300Mbps of speed and when you switch to the GHz you will get an amazing speed of 867 + mbps speed.
  • You can connect up to 20 devices at once with the Tenda AC1200 Dual band high speed long range router.
  • The router comes with 4 different antennas which will help you get a boost of connectivity up to 2,000 sq ft.
  • The Tenda AC12000 Dual band best wifi router for long range comes with a Tenda app that will help you customize and allow access to new users from where you are.
  • There are 4 different externals port that offer the most out of your internet connection.
  • This long range wifi router is compatible with 99% internet service providers settings.

This is the best Wi-Fi router for long range that you can get at a cheap price which offer a range up to 2,000 sq ft which is really great. With great review we have brought this router to you for all those who want the Tenda AC1200 Dual band high speed as their home use router. More over that, as a gamer or someone who are going to buy this router for entertainment purposes only, you can enjoy the AC6 setting which will offer with flawless streaming option.


  • Covers a space upto 2000 Sq ft.
  • Has 4 antennas for high speed 2.4GHz or 5GHz bandwidth dual band wifi.
  • Can customize using App.
  • Works with 99% ISP.


  • Has a maximum of only 20 connectivity option.
  • Dual band but has slow speed with 5GHz with only 800+MBPS speed.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” SIMPLE, EASY, Works SUPER FAST. I got this as an Access Point for a section of our house that has been a notorious dead zone. This thing lights up the entire neighbourhood. Seriously, everything upstairs runs as fast (or seems to) as hard wired ethernet. I had it setup and running in under five minutes. If you are a geek and want a lot of settings to play with, this is not for you. If you want to set this thing up FAST without any problems and have it working like a champ, then this is for you. We said good-bye to buffering YouTube and Netflix applications.”

NETGGEAR WiFi Router (R6230) – AC1200 Dual Band Wireless speed (up to 1200MBPS)

This next long range wifi router is a great performer to price.  With high speed reaching up to 1200mbps which is really amazing, you will get internet speed to 1200mbps. With dual band support you can get the max out of you internet connection sitting anywhere in your  home. The Netgear Wifi router R6230 – AC1200 dual band is a must have for gamers and for entertainment purpose only as it will help you stream videos, play games, surf internet and also connect smart devices at your home easily.

  • Great speed with longer ranger wifi connectivity up to 1200 sq ft. You will get high speed internet up to 300+ mbps on 2.4ghz and 900+ mbps on the 5Ghz bandwidth.
  • Connect up to 20 devices at once which means you can basically connect all your smart devices, laptops, mobile, TV and much more at once on the Netgear WiFi router R6230 – AC1200 dual band wi fi.
  • With 4 ultra fast Ethernet ports you are sure to enjoy great speed when you connect directly to your PC, laptop, XBOX or PS etc.
  • You can plug-in a storage device or printer and stay connect using any of the devices connected to the router.
  • This long range wifi router comes pre installed with the most security protocols like guest WiFi access, DoS, Firewall, protection against VPN and more.
  • Extreme Parental control for control over what kids might browse on their device. You can block any website or content for specific devices only.

This is defiantly one of those best wifi router for long range that comes at a cheap price. What makes the Netgear even more amazing is the connectivity app which will let you setup or change anything you want from any mobile device.


  • Has high security option for guest accounts.
  • Extreme parental lock.
  • Dual band wifi.
  • Ultra fast gold plated connectivity for PC, laptops, Xbox and PS4.


  • Can’t be used for extreme gaming as gamers will experience lag.
  • Low speed compared too other routers at same price range but has good range.

GENUINE REVIEW: “Purchased the Netgear AC1200 Dual Band router for my home use because my previous one (different brand) was having problems staying connected to my devices. The AC1200 has been working great since I installed it. Set up was easy and the signal is very strong through out my house. Running 5 devices off one of the bands with no problems while keeping the second band available for visiting family events when another 10 devices could be in use during those times…Netgear makes a great product!”

D-Link Ac1750 wifi Router with Samrt Dual band, MU-Mimo adn Powerful Dual Core Processor:

Be it for office use or home use the D-link AC 1750 WiFi router is a great choice. With this long range router you won’t just be able to stream 4K contents easily but you will also be able to take on intensive internet work at office. We will have a in detailed look at eh features of the router soon and explain you why it a great one for both office use and home use. The 3×3 processing help you to instantly connect the router as well.

  • The router comes with dual band option which means users will have 2 different optimized speed options. The 2.4GHz will help you achieve 450Mbps of maximum speed where as the latest 5GHz offers with extreme 1300mbps speed which is supported on most recent device.
  • With 3×3 data streaming and Mu MIMO technology option you can stream 4K contents  and even Ultra High Definition content easily. Also with 4 different antennas users can be sure that they don’t experience any lag in streaming even with up to 4 devices streaming 4K videos. N.B you should have high speed internet to get the best out of the 3×3 streaming and Mu MIMO technology option.
  • With dual core process inbuilt with this long range router you will have the best wireless connectivity and even better wire connection speed.
  • You can easily track the devices connected and control over which device will experience the speed you want to share.
  • The Intelligent QOS help you deliver seamless performance for any device you use.
  • The modem has easy set up option which you can do easily form your device you own like mobile or PC.

So, for $84.99 you will be receiving the best WiFi router for long range which you can use in office or home. More over with dual band option, the router can help with multiple high speed option on any device you connect. This router also comes with 5 external Ethernet port which offer even better high speed.


  • High speed on dual band with 1300MBPS on 5GHz.
  • Dual core processor for stable connectivity at long range.
  • With 4 antennas for long range.


  • Costly for the price tag of $84.

GENUINE REVIEW: “This product does exactly what you would expect from D-Link. It came in very useful with the Google Wifi products given that they only have 1 Ethernet output. This device allow me to connect all of the units in and behind the living room entertainment center. I was using a 10/100 switch before, but that limited my high-speed bandwidth for any device connected behind it. With this gigabit switch, I gained 4 additional ports and full download speeds. Once the AT&T gigabit fiber goes active in our neighborhood (they’re installing it now), my home office network will be on fire!”

TP- Link AC2600 Wireless WiFI router Powerful Gigabit, Beam forming, VPN server :

As a buyer if you are willing to cross the $100 mark then you will get one of the best WiFi router for long range which is the TP- Link AC 2600 Wireless WiFi router with a powerful dual core processor. this is the upgraded version of the 2300 model which was a great router by TP-Link. You can get an amazing speed of 1733MBPS which sounds questionable but lives up to what they say. with beam forming technology, the router can reach to a distance of 2200 sq ft range. When we are talking about the performance of the route, the TP-link AC 2600 also delivers the performance of high security as well which is connected through a 1.4GHz dual core processor.

  • Stream 4k videos easily and even play high demanding games which require lag free connectivity. The MU-MIMO technology help with the streaming option.
  • With Gigabit Ethernet connectivity you will get ultrafast internet connection through the Ethernet connection as well.
  • With supercharged dual band wifi which comes at 2.4GHz offer speed up to 800mbps and 5GHZ which offers 1733 mbps + speed. And with the beam forming you can spread speed up to 1733MBPS. The beam formation will help you reach the wifi connectivity to 2000+ sq ft.
  • Take control over what the router will filter through like blocked website or illegal sites etc with Parental control.

This is an excellent long range wifi router which can offer wifi connectivity through 2 floors easily. A worth the buck router that offer an amazing range of 2000+ sq ft and reach speeds up to 1733 mbps. You can use this as your basic upgrade at office or as you single router for extreme gaming and much more at home.


  • Has really high speed connectivity with 5GHz upto 1733 MBPS.
  • Has range up to 2000+ sq ft.
  • Full control to block illegal and block other sites.
  • Can reach up to 2 stores even through solid blocks of wall.


  • No cons as this is one of the best wifi router for long range above the price of $100.

GENUINE REVIEW: Perfect router. Make sure to use the correct RJ45 CAT5,6, or 7 cable to get the speeds you’re expecting. I have had no random loss of signal (on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). This is a dual band router, so you can have 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz both broadcasting at the same time, which is very useful for devices that support 5Ghz and devices that don’t. I live east of OKC,OK. I’ve attached some pictures of my speed test results. We pay for 200Mbps but usually get around 300-350Mbps. I was using the 5Ghz band when i got these results.

D-Link COVR AC3900 Whole Home Wi-Fi system- with MU-MIMO with Seamless Extender:

The D-Link COVR AC3900 comes as a package of a router and an extender as well. With the whole setup, you can seamlessly stream 4K HD content from wherever you want. You pay nearly $200 for a high performance WiFi router with extender. Though the official D-Link haven’t provided with individual detail of the range of the router but if you use the router and the extender together you will get a coverage up to 6000 sq ft. You can use this setup for you office as it is made for large building or apartment. Both the devices are easy to setup and with 4×4 data streaming option along with MU-MIMO technology you can surely get high-speed connectivity even at great distance.

  • The D-Link COVR AC3900 comes as a pack of router and extender which you can use at home or at office. It is a high performance WiFi router which can be used in office for extensive use or for professional gaming.
  • Lag free 4K video streaming and more.
  • Get high speed connectivity through 4×4 data streaming and MU MIMO technology.
  • Smart steering option will help you connect to the network with the highest speed.
  • You can remotely manage any things like parental control, guest network and WiFi scheduling to manage the WiFi as you need.

With D-Link COVR AC3900 you will no longer face any issues of WiFi dead zone, buffering or getting disconnected  due to network issue. This is the best WiFi router for long range that you can use use as a professional gamer or at the office. As far as the extender goes, you can directly connect the extender with the router by simply plugging it in to the router.


  • Comes with a extender for long range.
  • Has 4×4 MU MIMO tech for 4K streaming.
  • Has security options like guest network, parental control and wifi securities.


  • As you will have router and extender separate, individually they have really weak source.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” This is an amazing product. I have never had a router with an extender reach our whole house. We have a 2 story home 3015 sq ft. But there is a interior courtyard in the center. Normally this is where we have the problem, it seems like the wifi signal would stop in the kitchen and would not reach upstairs, We have tried many routers none have ever worked. The Dlink Covr with extender has worked perfectly, we no long need extra extenders, access points. It was easy to setup and it works perfectly with wemo and ring products. I highly recommend!! ”

TP – Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router- MU- MIMO, 1.8GHz Quad Core 64bit CPU, Link Aggregation, 16GB storage:

This is the best WiFi router for long distance if you are professional gamer. If you are well known by the “SHROUD”, you will be happy to know that he uses this router as well. This is an aggressive router that only a professional gamer would be interested in. Packed with great features that we will talk about soon you will come to know why this is purely a professional gaming router.

  • With a 1.8GHz 64 quad core CPU you WiFi will be highly optimized for central gaming. This means you will get raw internet speed that you have through your ISP. If you opt for 1 ping latency through the ISP then you will get a stable 1 ping which will be optimized by the CPU. To provide with proper power supply, you will get a 100W 240V 60/60Hz charger.
  • AC5400 tri band Wi Fi over one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz which are optimized by its high performance 8 antennas.
  • Comes with range booster antenna which can be optimized to give out more range if you are far away.
  • With link Aggregation, user will be able to optimize the internet speed to strict high speed by collaborating 2 antennas for 1 single device which also works for the Ethernet connection.
  • The router can have a antivirus installed to provide extensive protection.

Made purely for gaming, the TP-link AC5400 Tri Band  Gaming router is the best Wi Fi router for gamers who also want a long range router. The speed offered by the 2.4GHz is over 1000mbps and for the 5GHz you will get a mind blowing 2167 top speed capped internet speed. With over 8 Ethernet connectivity and 2 usb 3.0 port you can have connect many devices all together.


  • Great for gaming.
  • Has high speed dual band wifi with 2.4GHz and 5GHz with 8 aggressive antennas.
  • High speed of 2167 MBPS.
  • Aggressive antennae setting for 2 antenna to boost one single band.


  • No cons as it is the cheapest yet most reliable router for extreme gaming.

GENUNE REVIEW: “This WiFi router was exactly what our house needed. We live in a 2500 sq ft 3 floor home and put the router in the middle of our home. Set Up took less than 10 minutes with very detailed instructions. Our plan is 1000 Megabits Per Second via Wired. With this router we can achieve speeds of 500-600Mbps when closer to the device. Incredibly fast for multiple devices (Two PS4 Pros, MacBooks, 4+ Smartphones). Having this in the middle of our home, we found successful signal connection everywhere except the farthest part of our home in the basement. Have never had the signal drop from the router or any odd events of it not working or turning off on its own. Highly recommend for day to day activity. This is great for anything else but intense PC gaming. ”

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi Router (R9000) upto 7200MBPS:

Coming to the top 3 on this list of best WiFi router for long ranger is the Netgear Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi router. This router comes with 2500+ sq ft or excellent coverage with max speed upto 7200 MBPS. This router is made for both extensive official use or gamer use. The price of the router is highest here but you get what you pay for. Standing at a price of $393.11, there are a lot of features this long range wifi router offers with.

  • With Tri band high performance WiFi connectivity you will get 800 or 1733 or 4600 Mbps of speed at 60 Ghz bandwidth devices.
  • User can connect up to 45 devices without any issue or degrade of speed.
  • 6 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and 1 x 10G SFP+ port.
  • Powered by 1.7GHz CPU running on a quad core processor with beam focusing and more.
  • 2 x 3.0 GHz ports help you connect prints and other devices.
  • With parental control you can easily block any website or choose who can choose to connect to the router and who can’t.

This is router which can be used in office for high speed connectivity and large number of connections as well. With high data speed cap users will experience flawless and un-interrupted lag free connectivity.


  • Can connect upto 45 + devices.
  • Has a 1.7GHz CPU processing.
  • Tri band high performance connectivity.
  • 6 high speed Ethernet port.
  • 2 no’s 3.0 GHz port for USB devices.


  • Really high price.
  • Only for high class business.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” Strong performance when handling a large number of connected devices. Ethernet Port Aggregation via 802.3ad (LACP). Strong WiFi performance (though there are competing routers which may be a bit better). Six Ethernet ports on the router’s switch. Active antennas. Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS). ”

Linksys Tri-band WiFi Router For Home:

Linksys  Tri band WiFi router provides with 3000 sq ft of wifi network coverage. So you can easily stream 4K content from anywhere sitting at your home. And with 25+ devices eligible to be connected, users will be able to connect all their device 1 single router. This Tri band router will have 5.3 Gbps (Ghz/10000Mbps) + (5 Ghz/2166 Mbps) + (2.4 GHz / 2166 Mbps) and more features. And with this Tri band router you will get the fastest internet possible from your ISP at home.

  • Has a great WiFi coverage of 3000 sq ft and with 25+ wireless device to connect from.
  • 3 fast bandwidth to choose from, the first 2.4 GHz bandwidth offers 1000mbps of connectivity, the second bandwidth of 5Ghz offers with fast file transfer and videoconference and the third 5GHz bandwidth offers with lighting fast 1000mbps to 2166mbps of connectivity.
  • Offers with targeted signal improvement which is great for those who have their desktop placed far off from the router.
  • Powered by 1.4GHz core processor help user with an ultra fast and stable stream to all connected devices.

Priced around $299, this undoubtly the best home centred wifi router for long range connectivity. And with data transfer rate of 5.3 Gb per second you will get the best download speed possible.


  • Can connect 25+ wireless devices.
  • Dual band wifi with 3000 sq ft range.
  • Powerful 1.4GHz processor.
  • Cheap compared to its features.


  • For Business use only due to high price.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” Awesome dual-band router. I use it as a switch for hard-wired devices, and it works exactly as it should. It hasn’t been rebooted once in the few months I’ve owned it. Strong signal all over my house and outside. My phone picks up the wifi signal half a city block down. Customization is great. The “guest account” feature is awesome if you’re hosting guests/air bnb. Just change the password after they leave. Dual bands are great for older devices and newer. My raspberry pi zero w can’t do 5ghz. It automatically picks up the 2.4ghz channel. This is a great, configurable router with some nice security features. ”

ASUS ROG Rapture GT- AX 11000 Tri band  10 Gigabit WiFi Router:

This is yet another Gaming router that can also be used in offices.  With tri- band 802.11ac wifi connectivity you will get a lag free internet connection. With WAN lan, 2 lighting fast usb 3.0 ports and eight gigabit lan ports you can stay connected to this high performance router. As a came centred router, there are few inbuilt gaming profiles like Game Radar and Game Profile that will help set the priority of device according to users need.

  • Provides with 3 stages of game boost which are game server prioritization, zero loss of game packet optimization and accelerated game traffic.
  • With 1.8|GHZ core processor with 2.5 G gaming port for lightning performance.
  • Asus Ai protection for zero internet threats.
  • Unlocks 15 channels in the least congested 5GHz bands.
  • Dedicated game boost key to instantly boost the WiFi connectivity.

This is unquestionably the best wifi router for long range which is best for all the gamers out there. you can also use this long range router at office if there you use it in a close group for high speed accessibility. And if you face any problem the ASUS ROG gaming will help you through their live customer care support.


  • Best for gaming.
  • Powerful 1.8GHz processor to handle connectivity at long range.
  • Tri-band 802.11ac wifi connectivity.
  • AI interent security.


  • No cons. If you are pro gamer then this is the best wifi router with long range for you.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” Consistent data processing and movement in the network. Takes up HALF the space of most normal routers and no more falling antennas!!. Awesome ASUS GUI. Easy setup for the beginner. Advanced settings for pros. Much more powerful signal than the ASUS AC2400. Cool and adjustable LED lighting.”


So this was the list of the 10 best WiFi routers for long range use. So be it whether you are thinking about using any of the router mentioned here at office or at home you will get good wifi strength even at longer ranges. Also as we have already mentioned that So if you are gamer, you can enjoy a lag free game play no matter where you are sitting in your house. Also for office user you will have a great variety of best WiFi router for long range to choose from.

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